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Elevate Leadership
New customers
Discount 20%

20% off Elevate Academy Memberships for your team

As an SVB client, you get 10% off your annual Elevate Academy membership.

Available to all SVB Clients.

New customers
Discount 25%

25% off subscription & waived implementation fee

As an SVB client, you are eligible for 25% off your first-year subscription when you pay annually as well as waived implementation fees.

Offer is available to global SVB customers.

New customers
Discount 75%

75% discount for the first 12 months on CleverTap Essentials plan

SVB portfolio gets a 75% discount for the first 12 months on the CleverTap Essentials plan. It is their startup- friendly plan with monthly subscription, 30-day free trial, cancel anytime, and plan starts at just $75/month.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Existing and new customers

AWS Activate Credits

AWS credits packages for early-stage startups

Eligibility Criteria

  • Associated with an Activate Provider and have their Organizational ID
  • Have not previously redeemed $100,000 total in AWS Activate credits
  • Have not previously received AWS Activate credits of equal or greater value from an Activate Provider
  • Self-funded or funded pre-series B
  • Have a fully-functioning company website
  • Founded in the past 10 years

Visit FAQs or Contact Us for more information

Vouch Insurance
Existing and new customers
Discount 5%

Save on business insurance when you apply for coverage with Vouch

Vouch customers can save when they bundle coverage through Vouch, and Silicon Valley Bank clients may be eligible for an additional 5% discount off coverage.

Vouch Insurance
Existing and new customers

Get a complimentary coverage analysis from Vouch's advisory team
To see further details, please click on “Show details”
Existing and new customers
Discount $50,000

$50K in Segment credits to collect clean and act on your customer data

What is the Segment Startup Program Offer?

Qualifying companies get:

  • $50,000 in Segment credits that last 1 year, an additional year of credits if you still qualify, then a year at a 50% discount, then 1 year at a 25% discount.
  • Access to our dealbook of over $1M in other software deals
  • Expedited support, access to our webinars and content to help startups get analytics right.
Existing and new customers

$5,000 in credits for all MongoDB Cloud Products and so much more!

MongoDB for Startups is focused on creating a valuable technical startup program that enables the success of high-growth startups from ideation to IPO. We designed this program to give startups access to the best developer data platform for their rapidly scaling ventures. So why do startups use MongoDB?

  • To iterate quickly: With the document model, MongoDB is the most intuitive and flexible way to work with data so you can adapt quickly to the changing needs of your growing business.
  • To have unlimited scale: MongoDB Atlas, our fully managed multi-cloud database, makes it easy to scale your business.
  • The ability to run anywhere: Multi-cloud gives you the freedom to run anywhere to leverage the best of all cloud environments.
  • And to build better apps faster: Deliver best-in-class experiences using MongoDB Realm’s services to build category-defining modern applications.

Apply to our program and you will receive:

  • $5,000 in credits for all MongoDB Cloud products (valid for 12 months)
  • A dedicated technical advisor for a 2-hour, 1:1 consultation, to help you with your data migration and optimization
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Access to the MongoDB developer ecosystem, and more...
Existing and new customers

Executive Talent Audit

We’re excited to offer you a free Executive Talent Audit* ($1,500 value). In this 45-minute session, a senior member of the Bolster team will help you strategize about talent, leadership, and growth.

You’ll leave this session with one of the following:

  • CEO: Assessment of functional CEO competencies and Leadership/Management competencies with a recommended development area plan
  • Team: Assessment of existing executive team and a recommended roadmap to grow and develop the executive team
  • Board: Assessment of board altitude, team dynamic, and structure with recommended improvement plan

These sessions are the most effective for high-growth companies with an established executive team in place.

See Terms at

New customers

Contact Center Consultancy

Full day with contact center subject matter experts

Insights into each/any department

Includes deep-dive in Quality Framework

Total cost credited at the awarding of a future SOW

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