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New customers

12 months of Asana Advanced for free

*Only Asana Advanced Plans are eligible for this offer. The period of free access to an eligible paid Asana plan will apply only for the first twelve months of your subscription beginning on the date of your redemption (the “Free Period”), whether you are on an annual or monthly subscription. After the Free Period, your account will be billed at Asana’s then-current pricing, as set forth on Asana’s plans page. Asana may amend or revoke this promotional offer, at any time in its sole discretion, for organizations that have not yet redeemed the coupon code. Offer is non-transferable. Limit one offer redemption per customer. Please note that organizations currently on paid plans or who have upgraded to a paid plan within the last 60 days are not eligible ; for companies currently on a paid Asana plan, or for further assistance you may contact: [email protected] for questions.

New customers
Discount 10%

Complimentary Financial Diagnostic + 10% discount on all Paro services

10% discount on first year of Paro Services.

Available to US Clients.

New customers
Discount 25%

25% off subscription & waived implementation fee

As an SVB client, you are eligible for 25% off your first-year subscription when you pay annually as well as waived implementation fees.

Offer is available to global SVB customers.

Existing and new customers

Executive Talent Audit

We’re excited to offer you a free Executive Talent Audit* ($1,500 value). In this 45-minute session, a senior member of the Bolster team will help you strategize about talent, leadership, and growth.

You’ll leave this session with one of the following:

  • CEO: Assessment of functional CEO competencies and Leadership/Management competencies with a recommended development area plan
  • Team: Assessment of existing executive team and a recommended roadmap to grow and develop the executive team
  • Board: Assessment of board altitude, team dynamic, and structure with recommended improvement plan

These sessions are the most effective for high-growth companies with an established executive team in place.

See Terms at

New customers
Discount 25%

25% off NyquistAI for 1 year

As an SVB customer, you can receive a 25% discount on your first year of subscription to the platform. This offer is available to SVB clients who are new customers of NyquistAI..

Elevate Leadership
New customers
Discount 20%

20% off Elevate Academy Memberships for your team

As an SVB client, you get 10% off your annual Elevate Academy membership.

Available to all SVB Clients.

New customers

First Two Months of DevOps Automation Free

Working with DuploCloud streamlines cloud management and accelerates development cycles by automating and integrating DevOps tools, ensuring organizations can deploy faster with less effort.

It automatically enforces robust security and compliance standards, offering peace of mind in protecting data and applications.

DuploCloud's scalable solution and expert support team provide cost efficiency and tailored guidance, making complex cloud operations simple and efficient for businesses of all sizes.

New customers
Discount 20%

20% off of Pilot Core for the first 6 months

As an SVB client, you are eligible for 20% off of Pilot Core for 6 months to work with an expert in startup bookkeeping and tax.

Available to US Clients.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Existing and new customers

AWS Activate Credits

AWS credits packages for early-stage startups

Eligibility Criteria

  • Associated with an Activate Provider and have their Organizational ID
  • Have not previously redeemed $100,000 total in AWS Activate credits
  • Have not previously received AWS Activate credits of equal or greater value from an Activate Provider
  • Self-funded or funded pre-series B
  • Have a fully-functioning company website
  • Founded in the past 10 years

Visit FAQs or Contact Us for more information

New customers

6 Months of Notion Plus, including Unlimited AI free for SVB companies

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have a valid Notion domain. You need a publicly available company website and a unique company email domain. Generic email domains and stealth websites will not be accepted.
  • Have less than 50 employees.
  • Must be a new, non-paying Notion customer.
  • Received under $10M funding from accredited investor.
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